The total body workout you can do in 10 minutes flat


The total body workout you can do in 10 minutes flat, according to a trainer who works with action stars and supermodels

I’m pretty sure that Christian Castano is the The Incredible Hulk, incarnate.

The personal trainer’s arm muscles have the bulk of well-developed thighs or calves, and he demonstrates core-ripping and butt-burning moves with seemingly no effort at all.

Castano works at the Dogpound Gym in New York, where Victoria’s Secret supermodels and action stars like Hugh Jackman (aka Wolverine) and Zachary Levi (aka Shazam) flock for personal training sessions.

Recently, Castano invited me in to experience how the pros work out. When I asked if we could try to fit a total body workout into a pressed-for-time 10 minute set, he didn’t bat an eye. Instead, Castano offered up a 2 minute and 30 second circuit, designed to tire me out in just four quick-fire rounds.

“You will be exhausted by 10 minutes,” he said.

Not only did he deliver on that promise, but I was sore for days after our routine (performed along with a few key moves designed to more specifically target my butt and my abs). At times, it felt like my butt, legs, and abs were all screaming “Hear us roar!” after the session.

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