The New, Weird, Wonderful Rosés You Should Be Drinking This Summer


Walk into pretty much any wine shop in the U.S. right now and you’ll find a section full of rosés from all over the world, front and center. There’s no reason to settle for the flavorless, pale salmon “summer water” you’ve come to rely on for beach days and BBQs. Rosé’s explosion in popularity has led to interesting experimentation—perhaps now more than ever, you can find an incredible range of rosé styles, flavor profiles, and shades at an accessible price point.

Throw out preconceived notations about rosé that you’ve picked up somewhere along the way. Despite what you might think, rosé that’s darker-hued isn’t necessarily sweeter—color and sweetness are not correlated when it comes to rosé. And maybe you’ve been taught that only Provence makes good rosés. Wrong! While there are many great rosés that come from Provence, they also have their fair share of largely mediocre bottles these days, too. (The region currently makes more than 160 million bottles of rosé per year—there’s bound to be some bad ones in the mix.) And, if you thought only good rosé comes in bottles, don’t be afraid to try different formats. These days, some excellent rosé wines come in cans, forties, and even boxes.

To get you started on this new rosé way, we’ve selected some noteworthy wines—some new, some funky, some just plain fun—to seek out now:

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