The Mountain Tries to Keep Up with CrossFit’s Fittest Woman on Earth


“If I’m able to finish this session, I deserve a trophy.”

It’s been proven time and time again that bodybuilders sometimes struggle through workouts that test conditioning and require stamina. And so do powerlifters and strongmen like former World’s Strongest Man winner Hafthor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain. Bjornsson just shared his latest workout video, a cardio-heavy session with CrossFit’s twice-crowned Fittest Woman on Earth, Annie Mist Thorisdottir.

“I’m not looking forward to it,” he says before the challenge. “Shit! What have I done?”

Bjornsson and Thorisdottir start with a classic CrossFit killer: clean and jerks. Bjornsson has worked through mechanics like this before (think: log clean and jerk), but he’s never done them with CrossFit-type volume.

“People might say I’m a pussy,” Bjornsson says, referring to the vastly reduced weight on the barbell compared to his usual lifts (he knocked out a couple of mind-blowing 805 kg deadlifts while preparing for World’s Strongest Man 2019). “I don’t care, guys. I want to live.”

The advised weight for a clean and jerk for women is 65 kgs, but Thorisdottir keeps up with Bjornsson, adding extra weight until she’s lifting the male equivalent of 95 kgs. Then they keep adding more like the gluttons for punishment they are. They take it up to 100 kgs, then both finish by managing 105 kgs. (The heaviest clean and jerk weight ever programmed at the CrossFit Open is just over 140 kgs.)

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