The GOLO Diet: What it is and can it help you lose weight?


If you take a look at the GOLO diet’s website, it’s easy to see the appeal of this plan. The program suggests that its diet — along with its dietary supplement — can help you lose weight, keep it off, increase your metabolic efficiency and prevent or reverse health conditions. The core concept behind the GOLO diet is the theory that weight problems are caused by insulin resistance. The diet aims to help people maintain healthy insulin levels so their cells can process glucose from their blood efficiently. When insulin levels are within a healthy range, it may be easier to lose weight

GOLO claims that its proprietary supplement, Release, which is promoted as a feature of the diet, can help control insulin, thereby nudging the body to lose weight without dieting. The company also claims that by pairing its balanced meal plan, The GOLO Metabolic Plan, with the Release supplement, “your metabolism gets faster and is able to convert food into energy quickly.”

Can the GOLO diet pill help with weight loss?

The bottom line? No. The Release supplement includes a little magnesium, plus zinc, chromium and some other plant compounds. Though the company cites data suggesting their Release supplement can enhance weight loss, the quality of the research is low. All of it is sponsored by the company, it involves very small populations being observed over a short period of time and most of it isn’t published in peer-reviewed journals. The peer review process means that scientific findings are subject to the scrutiny of others with expertise in the field and without this, the findings aren’t nearly as meaningful.

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