The Cheap Fitness Deals To Take Advantage Of This July


In the summertime, you probably want to spend as much time outside as possible, meaning the gym membership you ambitiously signed up for in January won’t get as much action. But here’s the thing: while everyone is traveling and enjoying the warm weather, it’s actually the perfect time to take advantage of your gym membership. And if you don’t have one yet, now’s a great time to sign up, because there are tons of discounts and sales happening in July and all summer long.

Whether you’re hopelessly devoted to boutique fitness or are more of a weight room person, ahead are the cheap gyms and workouts to hit up this July:


The luxe fitness chain is providing an exclusive July offer on memberships. Part of the membership initiation fee, which can be between $300 and $500, will be discounted or waived entirely if you sign up during this month, and they’ll prorate your July monthly fee. Not convinced it’s worth the hefty price tag? New members also get a complimentary fitness assessment, personal training session, and Pilates session.

Planet Fitness

If you’re a teen (meaning you’re ages 15-18), you can go to Planet Fitness for free during the summer months as part of their Teen Summer Challenge. You can work out as many times as you want at one Planet Fitness location and pay absolutely nothing. Grownups still have to pay the $10 a month, though.


To align with the epic Tour de France bike race that happens in July, the indoor cycling class Flywheel is hosting a “Tour de Fly” challenge from July 8-28. During that time, you can take as many Flywheel classes as you’d like, and they’ll tally up your total Power Score. The person with the highest score can win a Flywheel Home Bike, which is a $1,699 value. If that sounds too competitive for your liking, there are other prizes that will be awarded to people who complete at least nine Flywheel classes during that time.


ClassPass newbies can try a membership complete with 35 credits (worth 4-8 classes) for free. Technically, this promotional offer is always available, but it’s a great idea to give it a whirl during the summer. When everyone is away and vacationing, boutique classes tend to be less crowded. So, you’ll have a better chance at snagging a hot-ticket ClassPass slot during July versus, say, January.

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