The 80 Tastiest Apple Recipes to Try for Fall


There’s so much to look forward to in fall: cozy sweaters, fall crafts, slow cooker dinners, and, of course, all things apple. These amazing apple recipes celebrate the season’s most popular fruit with sweet and savory dishes that’ll make you want to step out onto your deck (decorated with fall porch decor, obv), take in the crisp air, and embrace all things fall. We know you can’t wait to go apple picking this season, so we collected tons of creative apple recipes to show you all the different ways to eat apples. Get ready to transform your seasonal loot into something absolutely delicious.

While we love an all-American apple pie, these recipes aren’t all so sweet. We gathered tons of savory apple recipes that make the ideal fall dinner (juicy pork chops with melty braised apples, anyone?), healthy apple recipes (salmon burgers! stir-fry!), and even easy apple recipes for kids that get the whole family involved. We promise, you’ll have a blast making the cute snail snacks in #54 using celery and apple slices.

But don’t worry, we would never forget about dessert. You’ll find plenty of quick and easy apple dessert recipes, like warm and comforting baked apple recipes, creamy and dreamy apple butter, apple cider-spiked everything, impressive apple cakes, and pies, cobblers, crisps, and crumbles in all forms. With so many different tasty ways to eat apples, it’s never been easier to get in your one (or two, or three … ) a day.