The 10-Minute Workout to Help You Feel Better In Your Jeans


If you’re tired of that section of skin that rolls over the top of your jeans (commonly referred to as a ‘muffin top’ or ‘love handles’), no shame; you’re far from the only one looking for how to slim down in this area.

The hard truth: No matter how many lower abs, obliques, and lower back exercises you do, you can’t tone your muffin top into oblivion. It’s fat, meaning the only way to get truly get rid of it is to lose weight.

That being said, you can firm up the muscles underneath to make you feel better, look sleeker, and burn cals that will ultimately help you get the stomach you want. How? This muffin top workout from insanely fit (and funny) trainer Kym Perfetto (@KymNonStop). (This muffin-top melter workout will also help you burn cals and torch your core like crazy.)

If your abs aren’t totally toasted after this, cue up Kym’s 10-minute lower abs workout next, and you’re sure to be burned up in no time.

How it works: Follow along with Kym in the video above, or do the moves step-by-step below. Complete the warm-up, then do each superset twice. Ex: Do a full sets of exercise 1a then do a full set of exercise 1b. Repeat. Then move on to 2a and 2b.

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