Sonnalli Seygal’s makeup hacks


New Delhi: Actor Sonnalli Seygal reveals her beauty regime and her makeup essentials.

Q) Your beauty secret.
Stay healthy. If you eat right, drink lots of water and stay in a happy mindful space, you actually look beautiful.

Q) Your beauty regime.
My beauty regime is my work out. I work out regularly and do yoga. On days when I don’t have the time, I try to do at least a handstand or a headstand.

Q) What do you do to detox your skin after putting on makeup for longer hours?
I have an oily skin and I try and avoid makeup as much as I can. I have attended events with no makeup, except a dab of absolute BB cream. Letting your skin breathe and giving it the correct moisture makes it look perfect. I do go for regular skin cleanup though as there is so much dust and pollution around.

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