Sleeping badly? Jump straight out of bed and get exercising


Name: Regular exercise.

Age: It’s always been available, but it’s never been less popular.

Appearance: Periodic bouts of strenuous activity: swimming, cycling, pilates, fleeing from predators – take your choice.

What about it? It’s good for you.

Is that right? It is correct, yes, according to the results of an 11-year study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

What else did this research find? It found that over the course of the study the middle-aged people who did the least exercise and had the poorest sleep quality were 57% more likely to die than those who exercised most and slept best.

Tell me more. And also that physically active, young, thin, rich non-smokers with no mental health issues who eat lots of vegetables and drink little alcohol tend to sleep quite well at night.

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