Show Off Your Spotless Smile: The Top Five Healthy Smile Secrets


A gleaming radiant smile is oftentimes our external projection of inner joy, happiness, and excitement. Multiple surveys have shown that a mere smile conveys more than good dental hygiene. The look of shining teeth may seem to be a minor detail in one’s overall beauty but in truth, affects how we perceive the attitudes of others and how we are perceived by others. The ability to show off a smile you are proud of can be a substantial tool to boost self-confidence. Haute Beauty presents the top five medically recommended methods to achieve, maintain, and care for your desired healthy and beautiful smile.

1. Whitening

The most simple and instantly gratifying dental improvement to achieve a brighter smile is teeth whitening. Whitening strips can be purchased online or at a local pharmacy. While easily accessible, these are not fully effective as they contain minimal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the chemical needed to whiten the teeth. Whitening strips may also increase the risk of burning gum tissue exposed to whitening gel and saliva contamination reducing the effectiveness of the whitening.


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