Should you eat before or after your workout?


What to eat to fuel your workouts and feel your best.

In the age of intermittent fasting, diet trends, keto and more, nutrition information can get confusing really fast. And that makes it even more challenging to decide what to eat before a workout. Should it be a keto low-carb snack? Or maybe a high-protein paleo one? No matter what nutrition philosophy you subscribe to, you want to eat something that will fuel you through your workout session to give you energy and help you reach your fitness goals.

So how do you know what’s best for you? I turned to an expert that knows a thing or two about fueling for performance: Rasa Troup, a former Olympian turned dietician who specializes in sports and performance nutrition. Even if you’re not an athlete, the tips and scientific findings below will help you better understand how to fuel and recover from your workouts with food.

Should you eat before a workout?

Eating before a workout is unappetizing some people, while others rather have food in their system to help them power through a workout session. But even though what (or if) you eat before a workout depends on the person, there are some key guidelines everyone should keep in mind when it comes to deciding if you should eat or not.

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