Selena Gomez Is The Queen Of Breakup Songs


Selena Gomez is finally putting out new music again, and the theme of her work is clear: She’s been through a breakup, and she wants to sing about it. The pop star released the certified bops “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now” back-to-back this October, and after one look at the lyrics, it’s painfully obvious who she’s writing about. (Hint: It rhymes with Shmustin Shmieber.)

You have to respect the blatant shade—putting out a song about your ex within a month of his wedding is a power move!—but more importantly, you can’t deny that Gomez knows how to write a break up track.

Have you just been through a split of your own? Are you angry, wistful, vengeful? No matter your feels, Gomez has a song for you. Below, we’ve compiled the definitive Selena Gomez breakup soundtrack.

“Forget Forever” (2013)

The song: The first entry in the J. Biebs breakup canon, “Forget Forever” is another way of saying to your ex, “Hi, you’re an idiot. Please never call me again.”

The best line: “Our love was made to rule the world / You came and broke the perfect girl”

“The Heart Wants What I Want” (2014)

The song: Almost more famous than the song itself is the first minute of its music video, where Gomez speaks from the heart, talking about how her ex hurt her and made her feel crazy, all while on the brink of tears. It’s a rare and intimate peek into her side of the break up.

The best line: “Save your advice, ’cause I won’t hear / You might be right, but I don’t care / There’s a million reasons why I should give you up / But the heart wants what it wants”

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