Rob Zombie Talks About His Vegan Diet: We’re Brainwashed that Cows are Happy


Shock rocker and longtime vegan Rob Zombie spoke to GQ about the decision behind him taking up a vegan diet. He told the outlet that meat would “just taste awful.” Zombie went vegan nine years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Asked what led him to cut out meat, Zombie shared, “I never really liked eating meat. Whenever I was served pork chops or something it would just taste awful to me. We’re all brainwashed from the moment we’re born that all the cows are happy and the pigs are happy and everybody’s so happy and it’s all “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” And then I saw a movie that was the first time I really saw how brutal and disgusting factory farming was. That’s when I was, like, “I’m done.”

He went vegan cold turkey nine years ago, after eating eggs for breakfast. The singer says he’s impressed with how far vegan options have come, “Every day it gets easier, and every day the food gets better. Veggie burgers used to be like tasteless hockey pucks, and now they’re so delicious.”

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