Pretty Vee Talks Hair and Beauty Tips


Comedian, artist, and Instagram star Pretty Vee has been featured on the cover of the June issue of Hype Hair Magazine. Vee was titled “The Jane of All” by the publication due to her multi-talented nature.

In this issue, we see pictures taken by Sed Baliem (@shotbysed) that showcased looks by Jeremy Haynes (@therealnoiGjeremy), makeup by Lateisha Letman (@enhancedbyteisha), and hairstyles by Jazzmin Wimberley (@billions_pink) .

This issue was a great representation of black hair and beauty in the industry. The various hairstyles shown how black hair can transform into different forms of art and expression.

The Hype Hair cover was a nice change of pace for the influencer who has been taking precautions during quarantine. “During the quarantine I had the ‘Trick Daddy braids and the bonnet,’” said Vee when asked about her quarantine hairstyles. “My hair has always been thick, and my hair was breaking off due to the style changing all the time. So a hair care routine was started,” she continued.

“I Am Designed To Transform💣💡🔥,” Vee captioned one of the photos for to her 4 million Instagram followers.

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