PILOXING Team To Host TOGETHER WE RISE: Uniting For Racial Equity In Fitness


A day of virtual education, meaningful discussions and moving together for change

What: “Worldwide, we are experiencing a historic movement for racial justice, equity and representation globally. This movement has provided an opportunity to affect change in every industry, every workplace, on the streets and in our homes. It has allowed all of us to take a long, hard look at ourselves, our company cultures, and to start meaningful conversations. As a product of those conversations, LES MILLS, POUND and Piloxing have joined forces to continue this work on a greater scale. We believe that we have not done enough, that our industry has not done enough, and that it is time for meaningful, continual and irreversible change.

TOGETHER WE RISE is a virtual event dedicated to further educating ourselves and our communities in racial equity, amplifying impactful voices and stories, deconstructing the systems of oppression within the health and wellness industry, and uniting our collective communities around this movement.” – LES MILLS, POUND, PILOXING

“If there is any industry on Earth that must be dedicated to racial justice, equity and representation, it’s the fitness industry. We exist to help people – all people – lead healthier lives. And, true health is achieved inside a healthy culture,” said Diana Mills, Creative Director, Les Mills International. “This is a pivotal moment and we humbly and collectively rise together with POUND and PILOXING to launch this movement because it is a part of our work that is imperative if we are to create a fitter planet for all.”