People are boycotting Hourglass Cosmetics


Hourglass Cosmetics is facing criticism after reformulating a fan-favorite product and then releasing it with only one variation of shades, which mainly suits lighter skin tones. Two beauty influencers — Christine Mielke of Temptalia and YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl — have both publicly stated that they’ll be boycotting the brand unless it makes a dedicated effort towards inclusivity.

Mielke told Insider that she finds it “impossible” to give Hourglass Cosmetics “any benefit of the doubt going forward” because the brand has consistently released makeup in limited shades.
Other beauty fans and shoppers have been expressing frustration with Hourglass Cosmetics and its limited shade ranges since 2019. Last week, the cruelty-free cosmetics brand announced that it has reformulated its popular llume Sheer Color Trio, which has not been available to purchase since 2019.

While many fans were ecstatic about having another chance to try the beloved product, others pointed out a major flaw: the cream compact is only sold in one variation of shades, which mainly suits lighter skin tones. Now, makeup artists, influencers, and beauty fans say they’re boycotting the brand, as they feel Hourglass Cosmetics is not entirely inclusive to people of color.