Older Guys Should Add This Exercise to Their Chest Workouts


As you’re getting older, you should look to expand your chest day repertoire to keep gains coming.

One of my first training clients had one simple goal: to take his shirt off at the beach. He was closing in on 50, not too proud of his physique, and felt his overall health sliding down quickly. His pecs and arms were his major concerns. He was angry, so he vowed to do “whatever it takes” to strengthen his core and gain pec definition. I suggested one of my favorite upper body moves for pec development and contour. And, as a bonus, you’ll get great core activation too.

The pec (pectoralis major) must be attacked from different angles because of its round shape and multiple points of origination. One point of origination is the sternum (breastbone) where the pecs come together in the middle of the chest. Once chest day rolls around, most people jump on the bench to press and focus only on those types of movements. But if you want to hit the sternocostal head of the pecs, you may want a different tool. One move that I’ve found is the single-arm fly. Especially when done with a resistance band, it adds great variety to your workouts and home gym.

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