Neon Eyeliner Is All We Want to Wear Right Now


Call it the Euphoria Effect or a ripple from the launch of Glossier Play earlier this year. Either way you slice it, neon eyeliner is definitely the makeup trend du jour. Seen on our favorite celebs—from Rihanna to EmRata—the neon eyeliner trend isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s artistic, expressive, and all about things like geometric shapes and ultra-vibrant hues. If that sounds super intimidating, we get it—it’s a little more adventurous than your average smoky eye.

That said, it’s certainly easier to achieve than you probably think. Whether you want something subtle and chic or loud and ‘gram-worthy, we have all the tips, tricks, and products you need to pull it off.

01. The First Rule Is… There Are No Rules
To quote Grease, “the rules are there ain’t no rules.” Seriously—the beauty world is all about self-expression and personalization right now (this is the age of YouTube and Instagram, after all).

If you’re usually all about no-makeup makeup and want to try something new and a little artistic, embrace the trend with a subtle, bright-white liner on your lash line (Urban Decay’s Yeyo shade is on-point)—or if you’re more of a dramatic-black-cat-eye-kinda person, try a graphic cobalt-blue instead, using a saturated, matte liquid liner (Sephora Collection has a super-vibrant, long-lasting one).

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