Muscles you should train together


01/7 Avoid making this mistake!

The most common fitness mistake gym-goers make is of training all the muscle groups together. They try to include cardio and resistance training into one workout believing that this will help them to build muscles quickly. The truth is, you cannot target all muscle groups in an hour-long workout session. If you want to see results, then it is recommended to target some specific muscle groups in a day. By combining the right muscle groups you will be able to strengthen your core and gain maximum benefits in a short period of time.

02/7 Why you should not work on all muscle groups together

There is nothing wrong with working all your muscles. But when there is a crunch of time, it is best to target specific muscle groups at a time. This technique is ideal for beginners to lose weight and improve their strength. This also sets the base for a more advanced level of training.

Here are 4 muscle groups that you should work on together:

03/7 Abdominal and back

Abdominal and back muscles are known as the core muscles. This group of muscles are responsible for keeping you body straight and balanced. These are the main muscles of our body and are engaged in all kinds of exercises. Strengthening your core muscles will improve your posture and reduce the problem of back pain. You can do pelvic tilt, plank, crunches to target your core muscles. These exercises primarily focuses on your core muscles.

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