Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Guide to Glowing Pregnancy Beauty


Miranda Kerr, supermodel and founder of Kora Organics skin care, is currently nine months pregnant with her third child. And from the looks of her lit-from-within glow, it’s clear that she knows her way around a pregnancy beauty routine. On a recent Los Angeles morning, Kerr walked us through her head-to-bump regimen, detailing her approach to skin care and subtle, glowing makeup while awaiting the arrival of her new babe.

First up is Kerr’s own vitamin C serum, an integral part of her morning lineup. “It smells incredible,” she says, patting in the formula around her eyes. “And don’t forget your neck.” Two pumps of her facial oil are then mixed with her basic moisturizer and applied for a hydrated base, and all of that gets massaged in with a rose quartz gua sha tool. “I just massage in the face oil and the moisturizer using upward strokes to get the lymphatic drainage going,” she explains.

Since Kerr is a busy working mom, a low-effort, high-impact makeup strategy is key. “I actually have false lashes,” she reveals, “so that’s a really good way to save time.”

With her mascara taken care of, the model dabs on a hybrid of three concealers under her eyes and around her nose to cover any signs of a sleepless night. “I always love a little blush,” she says while applying a creamy, peony-colored formula. “I can go a little blush heavy,” she laughs, but adding a jolt of color helps Kerr feel “more awake.”

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