Maddie Ziegler shares the biggest beauty lessons she’s ever learnt


Maddie Ziegler began dance lessons at age two, joined the Abby Lee Dance Company at age four, and picked up her first makeup brush at age six.

Born for the stage, makeup has always gone hand-in-hand with Ziegler’s performance art, from Dance Moms to starring in Sia’s music videos.

So it’s only fitting the now 17-year-old would be approached for a debut makeup collaboration with mega beauty brand Morphe.

Featuring cheek colours, lip glosses and a 20-shade palette (of course, it’s Morphe), Girlfriend caught up with Ziegler to get the inside scoop on the products and the biggest beauty lessons she’s learned from years of doing her own makeup.

Beauty lesson #1 Makeup has no rules

Even though Ziegler herself admits there are looks she’s done in the past that are ‘questionable’, she doesn’t believe in makeup mistakes or regrets. “if you don’t like what you’ve created you can always take it off and try again,” she says.

“Play around and try things that maybe seem weird in your head. Trust me, some of the most random ideas that I have end up turning out the best.”

Makeup is a great way to embrace your creativity, and Ziegler says she often draws inspiration from dance. “Different dance moves make me feel a certain way and I can interpret them through my makeup looks.”

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