Lockdown could be a great time to try the keto diet


Piling on the pounds in lockdown? Or just bored and want to try a new diet? Research shows that following a keto diet is an efficient way to send your body into ‘fat-burning mode’ so you will be slimmer faster – even, in theory, without exercising. I am actually a bit of a fan of the keto diet as it does seem to work well – admittedly I exercise quite a lot, but that’s been less easy recently than before all this… ‘situation’… kicked off.

So, we put together a 1-week keto meal plan to help you get started in your weight loss journey. Starting the keto diet can seem daunting but with the sample keto meal plan below, it should seem doable at least.

When you try to put your own keto diet meal plan together, you will need to remember that in order for your body to go into ketosis – a metabolic state when your body mainly uses ketones from fat for fuel as opposed to glucose from carbohydrates – you will need to keep your carbs levels low each day. And we mean really low: calories from carbs should be under 5% of your total calorie intake and definitely under 50 grams a day. Strict keto even goes a step further and requires you to keep the carb levels as low as under 20 grams a day.

Sure, following an effective keto diet meal plan means you will have to say goodbye to potatoes, rice, fruits and sweets, but in return, you can also say goodbye to body fat, cravings, mood-swings, insulin spikes and much more. Once you get over the initial ‘keto flu’ – which is only a possibility, not a certain side effect – you will feel more balanced overall and won’t miss any of the sweet treats you used to have as a pick-me-up.

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