Local florists offer tips for wedding beauty in blooms



For most couples “the big day” brings with it the need for extensive planning. From the location to the officiant, the food to the apparel, the decisions can seem endless. One wedding day detail not to be forgotten is the flowers, and local florists have some tips and tricks to make sure couples get hitched without a hitch.

Set a budget

“They are going to want to think about their budget,” noted Baylee Pharr, floral designer at Ewing Variety in Red Bay. “We try to be reasonable and work with everyone and have something for everybody, as far as price.” Pharr said brides really need to know in advance how much they are willing to spend and whether or not that figure is flexible.

“Weddings are expensive, and with flowers, it adds up quickly, especially if you’re having a big wedding. Brides really need to sit down with whoever is paying for the wedding and have a pretty strict budget set and know whether they can have any wiggle room.”
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