Knit Princess Diana’s Iconic Black Sheep Jumper


I always knew Princess Diana was cool, but seeing photos of her wearing that Warm & Wonderful black sheep jumper in 1979 made me realize just how much of a rebel she really was. Recently, the iconic knit was reissued for a collaboration between Warm & Wonderful and Rowling Blazers.

But even better, the original vintage knitting pattern is now available for free online as a charitable campaign to raise lifesaving funds for Doctors Without Borders – we think Diana would have loved that idea.Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure (p/hop) is a knitting fundraiser for nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

In an effort to raise lifesaving funds for medical care in over 60 countries, p/hop collaborated with Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne (the founders of Warm & Wonderful, who changed the brand name to Muir & Osbourne in 1987) to rerelease the original black sheep knitting pattern.The pattern is available for free, and knitters are encouraged to make a charitable donation to MSF while they enjoy re-creating this iconic British jumper design.