Kate Middleton’s beauty tips you’ll want to add to your beauty routine


Ever since marrying the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, Kate Middleton’s style and beauty has been spotlighted from head to toe. Details behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s gorgeous glossy hair, favorite skincare ingredients and different beauty hacks are always sought after. Lucky for you, we have all the tips or trick behind Kate’s best glam looks.

Uses oils on her hands to maintain a youthful feel

Looks like Kate and Jennifer Lopez have this nourishing trick in common. Since the first signs of aging show on one’s hands, Prince William’s wife applies facial oil with natural extracts such as rose oil on her fingertips just like JLo. During a royal visit, the Duchess was seen applying coconut oil on her hands.

Mixes shampoo and conditioner for a voluminous finish

We know what you’re thinking, “what?!” Our thoughts are exactly the same; nonetheless it’s true. The Duchess’ royal stylist Richard Ward helped debunk this method. According to Glamour, he advises her to use a botanical non-lather holistic shampoo. It’s sulfate-free with a gentle and moisturizing wash which leaves the hair hydrated enough for the perfect 2-and-1 session.

She’s a lover of nude nail polish

When it comes to Kate’s manicures, the 38-year-old beauty takes a simple approach. According to Marie Claire U.K. , natural-looking nails are the only style permitted at official royal events. Luckily, nude polish is her favorite.

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