Jennifer Lawrence’s Trainer Reveal How to Get A-List Abs


If the paparazzi pix of celebs on tropical vacays have you Googling “how to lose my love handles,” we’ve got you covered—we tapped some of Hollywood’s top trainers to find out their favorite ab workouts.

Although vanity may be what gets you to the gym, don’t forget that there are plenty of other reasons to work that core: namely, it’s your powerhouse. “Having a strong core helps support the back and hips and makes it to that your body moves with everyday actions and sports activities,” says Kit Rich, founder of KICHGO, the big gym in a little bag, and a Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer and Pilates expert. Plus, a strong core supports good posture (which can make you look thinner) and better balance.

You can either do each trainer’s moves as mini-workouts, perform the nine consecutively by doing each move for their given duration, or cherry-pick the ones you like to create your own core workout. The one caveat? Remember that abs are just like other body parts—you shouldn’t train them every day. Three to four times a week on non-consecutive days should be sufficient, Rich says.

Core workout #1

Your trainer: Leyon Azubuike, founder of Gloveworx and a Los Angeles-based trainer whose clients include Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ashley Graham

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