Jennifer Aniston shares image


Jennifer Aniston shared an image to Instagram on Tuesday where her face could barely be seen. There was a mystery man laying on the floor as her dog Clyde looked up at her. ‘I see you Clyde,’ the 51-year-old TV and movie star wrote over the photo as she failed to address who the male friend was.

The Emmy winner made it clear she was on the set of season two of her hit series The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon.  Aniston was holding up the camera as she wore a dark gray robe over a lace bra with her highlighted hair worn down.

Clyde sweetly looked up at the camera as he wore a dazzling collar. There was no hint who the man could be but he looked very relaxed as he stretched. The mystery person had on a gray top and khaki cargo slacks with a silver watch that had a dark face.