Iskra Lawrence Opened Up About Struggling to Work Out During Her Pregnancy


The model says her priorities—both mental and physical—are different now that she’s expecting.

Last month, body-positive activist, Iskra Lawrence announced that she’s pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne. Since then, the 29-year-old mom-to-be has been updating fans about her pregnancy and the many changes her body is experiencing.

In an Instagram post shared over the weekend, Lawrence wrote that many of her fans have asked about how she’s keeping up with her workout routine with a baby on the way. While the model said she is carving out time for exercise, she also admitted it’s been difficult to adjust her routine, both mentally and physically.

“Not gonna lie it’s been hard,” Lawrence wrote on Instagram alongside a series of photos of herself in a recent TRX workout class, when she was four months into her pregnancy (she’s currently approaching the five-month mark). “My body feels different, my energy is different and my priorities are different. However, I’ve never been more aware of wanting to be in the best place wellness-wise because I want baby P to have the best home possible.”

Continuing her post, Lawrence said she’s been “taking it slow” with exercise and listening to her body’s day-to-day cues to help guide her workout choices. “I’ve also made it a priority to protect my energy,” she added. “Nothing or no one can make me stressed or feel any type of way right now because that energy feeds into my baby.”

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