If you can do these 6 exercises, you are a fitness PRO


Try these exercises some day

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love working out, you must tried many different exercises by now. Right from squats to lunges to various alternatives of deadlifts, we all know it is not easy to master these exercises and maintain the form. But they are not necessarily the most difficult exercises. There are some exercises which are considered the toughest and challenging of all. Here is a list of 6 super challenging exercises that you must try someday – as it will require lots of practice and will.

One arm handstand

We all know it is not easy to perform a handstand and when you have to balance the weight of your entire body on one hand, it is even more difficult. Even professionals take a lot of time to master this exercise. Your core and upper body need to be super strong to do one hand handstand correctly.

Prisoner get-ups

This is a killer bodyweight exercise that you can perform in small spaces, without any equipment. Prisoner get-up activates all the muscles of your body and is an excellent exercise to get in shape. This exercise is very demanding, as a result most people get tired after performing 4-5 repetitions. If you want to enhance your balance and agility then pick this exercise.

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