I Tried The DIY Aloe Vera Hair Mask That’s All Over TikTok


When it comes to hair hacks, TikTok is the ultimate hub of knowledge (and the occasional fail, too, reminding us to always approach said hacks with caution). We’ve been schooled on how to nail heatless curls and fashion DIY curtain bangs at home, but we’ve also learned a thing or two about hair health. Lately, one particular hack is going viral for transforming dry hair and scalps in need of urgent attention: making aloe vera hair masks from scratch.

Aloe vera is easy to come by. Head to any health food or personal-care store and you’ll likely spot tubes of aloe gel, typically used to soothe sunburn and dry skin. But the TikTok trend is a little more rustic than adding a squeeze to your hair products: TikTokers are cutting open the aloe plant itself, harvesting the natural gel, and whisking it up into a natural hair mask. Applied directly to the scalp and lengths, it supposedly soothes itchy skin, promotes hair growth, moisturizes dry hair, and enhances hair strength.

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