How you can do a total body workout at home


If you are an avid gym goer currently wondering what to do while staying home, a full-body workout — one that challenges arms, legs, core and glutes — can be done in the comfort of your house with stuff you probably already have. No treadmill, elliptical or fancy exercise bike needed — we’re talking breaking a sweat with the chairs and everyday items you have around your house.

Be considerate

If you have roommates or family members who are also at home, remember to keep the noise and distraction down so you don’t offend them. Pick a room where others won’t be hanging out and make sure there is nothing in the room that could be broken if one of your moves goes awry.

Warm up

Loosening muscles prior to a full-body workout is a must, and something everyone starting to exercise for the first time should know. Studies have shown warmups reduce the risk of injury and improve exercise performance. Completing a series of simple stretches or slow, low-intensity exercises can ease not just your body, but also your mind into the workout.

Go back to basics. Use your body weight

Given the confined space and materials, your body becomes a valuable workout tool. Bring back school gym-time classics such as pushups, planks, mountain climbers and crunches. These moves require no equipment other than you and the earth’s gravitational pull. Repeat each motion 12 to 15 times. Gage your ability to do another set or go on to the next move.

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