How to Wear a Bandana Every Way Possible


If you’re wondering how to wear a bandana in a number of different ways, look no farther than the below women who have perfected the art of turning the humble accessory into a quietly chic fashion statement. Showing us how to wear a bandana has been done by everyone from historical icons like Rosie the Riveter to modern-day faves like Kendall Jenner; it’s appeared on the runway at Alexander Wang and popped up season after season in street style.

Part of its appeal is that it can be worn in so many different ways: around the neck with the tails long, wrapped around the handle of a bag, as a headband. Just avoid wearing it as a face mask to protect against COVID-19, as its efficacy has been proven subpar. But as an accessory, it’s always in style so keep reading for inspiration on how to wear yours.

Whether you tie it with the point in front, fold the whole thing to make a choker, or wrap an oversized version like a scarf, wearing a bandana around your neck is both classic and incredibly chic.