How to Safely Throw an Outdoor Barbecue During a Pandemic


HOSTING A BARBECUE FOR friends and family is a bit different than you may be used to due to the pandemic. Food safety is certainly still a concern, especially in warmer weather, but now you also have to pay attention to social distancing and minimizing saliva contact between individuals.

COVID-19 isn’t a food-borne virus, which means it’s not transmitted through food. However, being too close to someone without a mask or sharing food can certainly pose a risk since the virus is transmitted through saliva. This means you can say goodbye to family-style serving, as well as dips that everyone sticks their fingers into – or double-dips their veggies and chips in. Here are COVID-19 guidelines to keep in mind when throwing a barbecue for family and friends.

So how many people should you invite? The reality is the fewer people the better. If you have a long guest list in mind, do check with your local state laws as to the maximum number of people allowable at a gathering. The state laws do change based on the virus, so check for updates.

The number will also depend on how large your yard is and how many people you can realistically keep at a 6-foot distance. You also want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

There’s a lower risk of contracting the virus outdoors, so you want to keep your gathering outside. Keep an eye on the weather and have a rain date in mind.

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