How to Convince Employees to adopt new Technology


What’s the key to getting your employees to adopt new internal workflows? According to Adobe’s Scott Belsky, make it fun. “When it comes to rolling out an internal enterprise tool, a lot of the adoption of new technology comes down to internal merchandising,” said Belsky, the chief product officer and EVP at Adobe Creative Cloud. Which is to say it’s not enough to roll out a new program and call it a day. People have to want to use it, too.

Belsky points to Slack as a great example of this–it’s not only an internal communication platform, but it has fun animated GIFs and other features employees actually like. Who wouldn’t want to integrate it into their day-to-day? “[Slack] first galvanized engagement through fun,” he said.

When there’s internal resistance to new programs, added General Assembly cofounder and CEO Jake Schwartz, “you have to treat users as customers, regardless of whether or not they’re giving you money.” It’s all about “understanding this process of how to get people to use this product.”

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