How To Contour For Every Make-Up Occasion


There’s something about the word ‘contouring’ that instils fear in even the most make-up savvy among us.

While the Kardashians and their glam teams, including the talented Mario Dedivanovic, Joyce Bonelli and Hrush Achemyan, make it look super-easy on Instagram, they rarely give us the lowdown on which products work best for certain skin tones or types, which tools (and there are hundreds) are best suited to our skills (or lack thereof), and whether there is such a thing as too much concealer.

NB. There isn’t.

So, whether you’re after a set of cheekbones razor sharp enough to give Kate Moss a run for her money, or simply want to define what you’ve already got without too much effort (or having to buy another IKEA cube to store your sculpting stash – Kylie Jenner, we’re looking at you) this is exactly how to do it.

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