How to Choose the Right Face Cream For Amazing Skin and Makeup


Who needs a primer?

Think the moisturizer you use doesn’t affect how your makeup looks? Think again. A good base layer is crucial for flawless makeup. In addition to helping your foundation, CC cream, or concealer go on smooth, the formula you choose can tone down redness, help balance your complexion, and more.

According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, head of dermatology at Mount Sinai, your face moisturizer is the true MVP of your skincare routine. “A moisturizer can improve radiance by enhancing light reflection off your skin, diminish fine lines by plumping, increase hydration by pulling in water, and protect from the environment by forming a breathable seal over the skin,” he says.

Choosing a targeted formula for your skin’s needs also means it’s easier to achieve any makeup look. “Always prep skin with a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type,” says makeup artist Tracy Alfajora. “If you don’t, you’ll just put more makeup on top, when you could solve the problem by having a good skincare routine.”

Need more proof that this is the one step you really shouldn’t skip? Keep reading to see how choosing the right Olay Regenerist formula can effortlessly get you the skin—and makeup—payoff you want.

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