How Many Calories Do You Burn Lifting Weights?


The Benefits of Lifting Weights

Before we even talk about calories, you should know that strength training offers a number of short- and long-term benefits for your overall health, body, and mind.

A few noteworthy perks: stronger and denser bones, increased muscle mass and strength, boosted metabolism, decreased body fat, increased joint stability, improved endurance and cardiovascular health, better functional strength (think: carrying groceries), and more confidence. Yeah, that’s a lot. (Read more: The Major Benefits of Lifting Weights)

But when many people take up weightlifting, they have a few specific goals in mind: to burn calories, build muscle, and boost their metabolism. (Ahem…15 Transformations That’ll Inspire You to Start Lifting Weights)

Does Lifting Weights Burn Fat?

You probably already know it builds muscle. But there’s more good news: If your goal is to shed body fat and your current cardio-heavy workout just isn’t cutting it, strength training can be a total game-changer.

“Weightlifting stimulates muscle growth and increases muscle size,” explains Kasey Kotarak, CPT, PES, FNS, coach at Highland Fit Body Boot Camp. “As you build more muscle, your metabolism (or energy expenditure) increases because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat.” The result: You burn more calories on a daily basis—making it easier to lose body fat.

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