Healthy Road Trip Food to Fuel Your Next Adventure


Travel can make it tricky to stick to healthy habits, but with a little prep work, you won’t need to stop at a fast-food joint along the road.

When you’re stuck in a car for five hours straight, you might start downing iced coffees and pretzel crisps to keep yourself from zonking out behind the wheel. But it’s time to change how you eat and drink your way through road trips. To stay on track with your healthy eating while driving across the country, preparation is key. So before you pack up the car and strap yourself in, head to the grocery store and fill a few grocery totes with these healthy road trip foods.

Before Your Trip

1. Go online to scope out restaurants, rest stops, and grocery stores along your route to get an idea of what your road trip food options are. You could even add farms and farmers’ markets to the list for some local, often inexpensive flavor. (You’ll definitely want to stop at these farm-fresh markets.)

2. If you’re going to be in the car for long stretches, pack an insulated lunch bag or cooler with cold packs to keep food temperatures in the safe zone. If your trip lasts multiple days, you can purchase ice at gas stations as you go and store it in ziplock bags.

3. Do a grocery run to stock up on healthy go-to options for road trip food. Cover your food group bases: Protein, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbs. Knowing you have options will lessen the stress of trying to find a balanced meal or snack en route, and you’ll easily be able to cobble something together from your purchases or doctor up something you grab on the go.

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