Hair Gloss Versus Hair Glaze: Which One Is Right For You?


There’s no shortage of options in the hair-coloring industry, that’s for certain. From temporary candy-colored dyes to oh-so-natural brush-on techniques mastered by your colorist (a la babylights), you can make your hair color just about anything with the right tools, products, and expert advice.

So one question that we hear a lot in the hair-coloring world is hair gloss versus hair glaze. What are they, and are they really *that* different? If so, which one should you ask for? Well, there are subtle differences, and it comes down to your commitment to the color.

What is a hair glaze?

“A glaze is basically a semipermanent color that coats the hair shaft with shine and lasts up to a few washes,” says celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador Matt Rez. As the pigment sits atop the shaft and can be made with light-reflective nutrients, they are often used as a way to add luster to otherwise dull hair.

It’s also often an at-home thing (the most common reason for in-salon glazes is someone with their natural hair color playing around with a new hue and direction; you may want to test out a new direction first, for example) and can be used weekly to keep the shine levels consistent.

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