The USA Triathlon Foundation received 173 applications and more than $866,000 in requests for grant funding from USA Triathlon-certified race directors and race management organizations; USA Triathlon-certified coaches and clubs; and other individuals and organizations impacted by the pandemic. So far, the USA Triathlon Foundation has distributed more than $110,000 in grant funding, with additional recipients to be selected through the remainder of the year. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to share stories of some of the recipients.

TriLatino is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to increase the participation of Latinos in triathlon and endurance sports, promote healthy lifestyles and uplift their communities. The New York City based, all-inclusive club believes in making endurance sports equitable to drive diversity in backgrounds and skill levels.

When COVID-19 hit, TriLatino was challenged as a small non-profit, and members were challenged with the same adversity that communities of color as a whole have struggled with: COVID-19 cases in disproportionate numbers. In addition to health disparities in communities of color, the club also suffered from the “pause” on the global fitness industry, the closure of all business in New York City, and the suspension of schools, which in particular devastated their youth program. The TriLatino organization is primarily funded by membership dues, operating at extremely low to no margins in order to provide structured fitness and triathlon training at cost to members. COVID-19 brought core offerings to a halt.