Go Easy, Girls: 7 Simple Bridal Beauty Tips


Maybe it’s because in my former life I was a beauty editor, but this time of year, my bride-to-be friends start developing this strange habit of asking me to do their wedding hair and makeup. It’s not that I have any special training whatsoever or that I’m a particularly talented makeup artist or hair stylist—if I were, then perhaps I would start offering my services professionally—but friends who have never before wielded an eyelash curler feel I have some savvy to bring to the table. Personally, I’m always a bit reticent. After all, it’s a lot of pressure. What if some normally sweet chick freaks the eff out because I messed up and it’s her wedding and stuff? Luckily, that’s never happened, and I think it’s probably because I tend to keep things real nice and simple-like. Here are a few essential less-is-more tips I’ve gleaned over the years that are so easy anyone can do them, even an amateur like me …

Exfoliate and moisturize

The advice you’ll read out there about getting a facial a few days before your wedding is well and good, but I’ve never yet met a bride who was actually able to fit one in. Instead, just prior to makeup application, gently scrub skin with an exfoliating cleanser you’ve used before (to avoid an allergic reaction) to remove dead cells, then moisturize with a formula that’s best for your skin type. If you’re oily, you might want to use a very light mix, and go with a richer serum if you have dry skin. The idea is you want the surface of your skin primed and as smooth as possible.

Concentrate on the skin

When it comes to bridal makeup, the trick is to look as dewy and fresh as a milkmaid, not to have people noticing your fancy green eyeliner. To look your absolute best, you want skin to look flawless, sans that caked-on feel. If you can get away with tinted moisturizer and a touch of concealer, that’s awesome. If you need more coverage, stick to the lightest foundation formula you can get away with, and then use a concealer brush to apply a highly pigmented product like Amazing Concealer to problem spots. That way, your natural skin shines through while any redness or blemishes recede. Don’t move on to any more steps until skin looks as naturally even-toned as possible.

Be blushing

It’s OK to go a bit heavier on the cheek area, so some color will show up in photos. It’s best to apply a cream formula in the color that you blush, as the texture will sink into your skin and look more natural. If you do tend to get oily, try a gel instead, or opt for powder. Apply a tiny bit to the bridge of your nose and across your forehead to look slightly sun-kissed.

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