Get back in your workout groove with these effective fitness tips


Gym time, anyone? We get it, exercise seems like a tall order right now, as we ease out of the comfort zone that is our homes, where we have sought refuge (mostly on the couch!) from COVID-19-related woes. But with Singapore in Phase Two of the plan to lift restrictions and achieve a new normal, gyms and other health and wellness facilities are open once again, with social distancing measures in place.

With parks, fitness studios, playgrounds, sports halls, beaches and swimming complexes up and running, there really is no excuse to avoid exercising. If you’re feeling daunted, you’re not alone. Exercising again after a period of inactivity will be challenging, but there are things you can do to help yourself and ease your way back into your workout groove.

Make a plan, set smart goals

It’s good to be eager, but before jumping into the gym with both feet, it’s best to make a plan and lay down some specific, achievable and timely goals. “Be healthy” or “get fitter” is too vague; “be able to do a pull-up by Christmas” or “cycle to (insert specific destination) and back in one day” are much more specific and make planning much more streamlined.

To help you plan, measure your progress and achieve results, you might want to use a notes application to record things or download a fitness app to track your progress. Or if you prefer, you can hire a personal trainer who will tailor your workout to your specific needs and goals.