Four beauty trends you’ll want (and need) to try this year


What’s coming down the tracks for our hair, make-up and nail routines this year? This week, I’ve sifted through some of the strongest trends for 2019 and highlighted the ones I think will make the most positive impact not only on our looks, but minds, bodies and souls too!

Hemp is set to increase in popularity. Hemp oil is bursting in hydrating omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, it’s reported to help quell inflammation and acne-prone skin, regulate natural oils and soothe skin. If you fancy giving it a bash yourself, try The Body Shop Hemp Hand and Nail Set, €10.95 from The Body Shop stores nationwide and thebodyshop.

Meanwhile, pollution is a big aggressor for the skin and has been linked to the rise in people suffering with sensitivity and to signs of premature ageing. Damaging free radical compounds from pollution reduce our skin’s ability to repair itself properly. The answer? Antioxidants in your skincare – they act as “mops” to soak up all those free radicals before they can harm our skin. Try the new Nivea Daily Essentials Urban Skin Day and Night Creams, €10.99, from pharmacies and retail stores nationwide.

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