Exercise snacking: can five minutes of home workouts make fitness easier?


Struggling to find the time or motivation to exercise? This five minute workout could make it easier – and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Now that offices, pubs and your family’s dining room are open for business, we may have found that the time you were spending on training has been swapped out for work, dinners or catching up on sleep after late nights out and about. That’s OK: it’s all about balance and not overdoing it as we work out our new normal. But if you know that you feel better for moving your body or are serious about finally mastering the art of press ups, how do we squeeze in training when we have barely any time at all?

’Exercise snacking’ is the idea behind just that. Not the act of stopping mid-workout for a cereal bar, but instead the seperation of exercise into smaller chunks spread throughout the day. The clue is in the name, says strength and conditioning coach and exercise snacking advocate Pennie Varvarides: “It’s about breaking it down into small bursts, like a ‘snack’ rather than a meal. So that might be stepping away from your desk for five or 10 minutes and working on something small.”


You can ‘snack’ on any exercise, but logistically there are some things that work better than others. For example, you won’t be lifting heavy weights in short bursts throughout the day, as by the time you’ve warmed up and racked up the bar, snack time is over. Equally, you might want to assess wether cardio style training works for you – how comfortable will you be going back to your daily tasks after getting a bit sweaty from a five minute skipping session?