Eva Longoria’s Arm-Sculpting Workout Will Set Your Biceps on Fire


After giving birth to her son Santiago in June 2018 and giving her body “time to adjust to postpartum and post-pregnancy,” Eva Longoria has said that “very serious” weight training would be part of her workout regimen as a new mom.

Just yesterday, the 44-year-old posted a new Instagram video where she’s doing a set of bicep curls with an EZ curl bar, another form of a barbell that makes it easier to target your biceps. In the video, Longoria brings the weight up to shoulder height before gradually bringing the weight back down. This allows her to contract her biceps more and use her breath to perform the exercise with full range of motion.

This bicep curl also forces Longoria to use her forearm muscles during the upward phase of the exercise and move with control during the downward phase. You see Longoria tightening her core and glutes in the video as well to help her stand upright.

To balance her arm workouts, Longoria, who works with celebrity trainer Grant Roberts, is also a fan of using dumbbells and machines at the gym. In the exercise below, Longoria performs side shoulder raises in a bent-over position to target her back muscles. Notice how she leans over with her back flat to help protect her low back.

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling inspired by Longoria to do an extra challenging arm workout next time we’re at the gym!

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