Eating Within Your Budget


THE PANDEMIC HAS significantly disrupted our jobs, our non-work related activities, social engagements and how we choose to nourish ourselves. Many people have seen their personal income take a hit and are trying to be creative and innovative in getting the most from the least when it comes to feeding oneself and family.

How can we be safe and efficient when we shop – and proficient when we prepare food at home? Is it possible to maximize nutrition while minimizing costs?

Think About How You Shop

As a starting point, think about the way you shop and what you spend your money on when it comes to food:

Do you buy in impulse, or do you plan?
Do you buy foods that are ready to eat or do you cook from scratch?
Do you choose foods based on the dollar value or nutritional value?
Do you spend a lot on snacks, beverages and desserts?
Planning and Stocking

We don’t all know on Monday what we want to eat on Friday, but in our new COVID-normal, it is safer to minimize the frequency of supermarket excursions, so we may want to keep some foods around that lend themselves to quick preparation. For instance, frozen ravioli can be jazzed up with pesto or a puttanesca sauce (tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers and garlic). Then throw in some frozen broccoli for a quick, delicious and nutritious meal.

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