Drop and Give Yourself Twenty For a Quick Energy Boost


Sometimes going to the gym or finding the time to exercise can be rough. Courtney E. Ackerman, author of 5-MINUTE BLISS, shares her quick exercise routine that you can do anywhere! (P.S. it’s a push-up regiment)

If you really need a boost—to your energy level, your mood, or anything else—doing a quick physical exercise can be a great way to get it. Find a spot on the floor that’s clear (and preferably one that’s relatively clean) and drop to your hands and knees. Next, follow these guidelines to ensure that you don’t cheat yourself by doing half-hearted push-ups.

#1. Try to keep your body as stiff and straight as possible; push your tailbone down (so your butt isn’t sticking up) and keep your calves and thighs parallel to each other and to the ground (so your knees aren’t bent).

#2. Make sure your shoulders aren’t drawn up toward your ears. Keep them in a natural position.

#3. Keep your elbows in by your sides to ensure good posture all the way up and all the way down.

#4. Fix your gaze on something a couple feet ahead of you on the ground so you’re looking a bit ahead rather than straight down. This will help keep your neck in proper alignment.

#5. Slowly allow yourself to move toward the ground, while keeping all of the above in mind; don’t let your arms bow out or your butt float up toward the ceiling.

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