Douglas Murray heads to Australia alongside Dr Cornel West


HE’S not a right-wing internet provocateur, but Douglas Murray has some ideas that may offend — and he’s bringing them to Australia.

DOUGLAS Murray thinks Europe is committing suicide.

He declares as much in the opening line of his latest book, in which he laments that the leaders of western Europe are allowing the cultural flame of the continent to be extinguished through mass migration, in particular from the Muslim world.

The controversial assertion underpins the book, The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity And Islam, but he sees nothing particularly controversial about the claim.

“It was the result of a long time in which I was travelling for many years across Europe, travelling to many countries where people were fleeing form to go to Europe in the height of the migration crisis in 2015,” he told

“I thought someone needs to describe why it was happening, and chart the consequences.”

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