Does Meghan Markle Want to be Queen More Than Kate Middleton?


In a royal family, it’s all about hierarchy. And by hierarchy, we mean who is closest in line for the throne. The path to the crown is pretty straight forward if you pay attention to the royal family. If not, it all may be a bit confusing.

For a lot of people, there are a number of questions looming around the royal family. For instance, most people think that Kate Middleton will eventually be queen, but that isn’t necessarily the case. And what would have to happen for Meghan Markle to be queen? Does the Duchess of Sussex even want the title?

Line of succession

For people who don’t know all the ins and outs of royal life, here’s a quick explanation of how the crown is passed down. The line of succession follows the monarch’s firstborn and then goes down that person’s family. For example, Queen Elizabeth II’s firstborn is Prince Charles, so he is next in line for the throne. Charles has two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, so the line of succession follows them instead of going to the Queen’s other children Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, or Prince Edward. When Prince Charles dies or steps down, Prince William will take the throne and then it will go to his oldest son, Prince George, instead of his brother, Prince Harry. Get it?

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