Differences in immunity likely protect kids from severe Covid


The researchers said diseases associated with chronic inflammation that develops with advanced age including diabetes and obesity were also linked with severe Covid-19.

Sydney: Researchers have revealed that differences in the immune systems and better blood vessel health were among the factors protecting children from severe Covid-19.

In the study, published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, the research team explained why respiratory viruses, severe disease and death due to Covid-19 was relatively rare in children.

“Most children with Covid-19 have no or only mild symptoms, most commonly fever, cough, sore throat and changes in sense of smell or taste,” said study author Nigel Curtis from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“Even children with the usual risk factors for severe infections, such as immunosuppression, were not at high risk of severe Covid-19 disease,” Curtis added.

The researchers said that damage to the thin layer of endothelial cells lining various organs, especially the blood vessels, heart, and lymphatic vessels, increased with age and there was an association between conditions that affect these cells and severe Covid-19.

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